Who can do Scrum Master Certification?

 As it is very clear that when it comes to eligibility criteria for doing scrum master certification, there is no specific prior requirement to eventually mold you or evolve in the role of a scrum master. There have been many examples in front of us that current scrum masters who were previously either into software development, or a project manager or a business analyst or in some cases even entirely into different roles and domains like for e.g. psychology, etc. knowing yourself well and setting an example for change is ideally the greatest asset to successfully carry out the role of a scrum master.

Scrum Master Certification in Pune is a great place to complete your scrum master certification where you have an option of Scrum Master Certification Online course or a classroom course.

Some of the huge challenges for a scrum master certified professional…

Some experts feel the main or topmost challenge is to keep the application of scrum principles or practices as simple as possible it ideally means not to include additional processes or members or tools and techniques which will unnecessarily complicate the application of scrum which otherwise would have been simple to apply.

Apart from the above requirement, the obstacles for a scrum master are not very different from other agile related approaches or frameworks. As per the agile manifesto following, 3 things are most impactful or challenging for agile scrum process adoption and further scaling

  • Around 53% of weightage is given to company culture which is against agile scrum values.
  • Around 46% of weightage is given to generic people resistance to change from the organization.
  • Around 42% weightage is given to not sufficient support from management and hence no sponsorship for its implementation.

The kind of qualities a scrum master must possess is as follows….he must be compassionate, opportunistic, and assertive in his actions and words. As per the scrum reports similar challenges have been posed like company culture and organizational structure made it tough to implement and then scale agile scrum methodologies. It created a lot of hurdles to transition from traditional waterfall to agile scrum way. There was no crystal clear metrics to measure and identify the success parameter. At least in today’s scenario lack of awareness at the top management level is not a challenge anymore. This used to be one of the prime factors why implementation and scaling of the agile scrum were failing before.

SarvaShikshan® e-Learning is based in Pune so conducts Scrum Master Certification in Pune as far as training is considered and it is either a Scrum Master Certification Online course or a classroom course.

Scrum as a framework incorporates 3 types of roles like scrum master, product owner, and project manager. All these roles can handle the product development team also known as the scrum team. By keeping on performing the scrum master role you have a bright and long path ahead to enhance your knowledge take your understanding level to a deeper level and build skills of different competencies to master the art of scrum master. As per the numbers stated across the world the scrum master is considered one of the high paying jobs.

The other ways scrum knowledge can be put to use is eventually becoming an agile scrum coach and /or a mentor/facilitator or trainer. The industry generally recommends or regards the next career step for a scrum master is to become an agile scrum coach, though it’s not necessarily always the case, a company adopting scrum for product development can smoothly function without the need for an agile coach.

It is absolutely true that the focus and role of a scrum master can and will keep on evolving, it depends on the maturity level of the scrum team. Initial involvement of a scrum master is very much high to assist train or coach the scrum team and product owner, eventually, the focus will move to other teams and remaining of the organization.

In its essence the scrum master goal is to make the scrum team independent and solidify the competencies so that they can self manage organize or govern without the day to day assistance from the scrum master, this is when a scrum master can think of moving forward in his role to spread this knowledge and process and techniques to other scrum teams across the organization. A Scrum Master can develop to be a Scrum team mentor or a mentor/trainer for multiple teams.

Scrum Master Certification in Pune is obviously a good choice, however, if you want to do your training with SarvaShikshan® e-Learning only and you are based out of Pune then you can go for  Scrum Master Certification Online which is conducted for people who are outside Pune and cannot attend classroom training. Scrum Master Certification Online training is conducted on weekdays (Mon-Fri) with either morning or evening time slots IST.

In today’s market scenario many times the position and roles and responsibilities of a scrum master are compared with that of an agile coach and many people in the industry today try to self-claim the title. Any prior judgment keeping aside there is nothing wrong in keeping anyone’s ambition however it’s very critical to know the differences and similarities between these 2 roles of a scrum master and an agile coach.

Agile Coach Vs Scrum Master

A scrum master’s main focus should be on scrum methodology principles and practices which you can consider a comparatively smaller role than an agile coach who can perform the role and responsibilities of other than scrum agile principles and practices as its scope is much broader because there maybe lean, Kanban, extreme programming into it. If you talk about some similarities between the two roles of scrum master and agile coach, then scrum master also needs to coach to some extent his scrum team or teams, so as good as performs the role of agile coach kind of.

Another difference could be scrum master role is dedicated to one or more than one scrum team working on a single project. The agile coach is normally associated across projects with multiple teams.

An agile coach could have much broader knowledge and experience generally as his role demands of various other methodologies in addition to scrum like Kanban, Lean, extreme programming etc.

  • A Scrum Master in parallel works on the company-wide level, this is by far the obvious part of it and as mentioned in the official scrum guide. Company’s who restrict the potential of Scrum Masters to the scrum team and scrum team only, will not reap the advantage of a real Scrum Master. “A really good Scrum Master assists a Scrum Team to stay put in whatever be the company’s culture. A really genuine Scrum Master always assists to change the working environment or culture so Scrum Teams can flourish.
  • Scrum Masters of various teams can mold themselves as part of the Scrum team – ideally, an agile coach could assist the group of Scrum Masters to rise and shine and to even work as a team when needed.
  • An experienced agile coach can assist in kick-start the implementation of Scrum in a company, combined with senior management/leadership teams on a companywide level – in case the Scrum Masters don’t have this experience or confidence.










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