Many feel that it depends on the situation and the availability of job opportunities in the world market for domains other than IT. Obviously anyone would go for a scrum master certification in pune from a non-IT background only if it makes sense for ones career and the working situation.

To back it with an example if you are in a role where you are working with your team no matter in what field you are then there are chances that directly or indirectly you are following some of the principles and concepts of agile scrum even though you are from the non-IT field. However one would strongly suggest and recommend to go through the scrum guide and agile manifesto before making your decision to go for scrum master certification, that will really help you to understand if its going to make a positive difference in your career and the kind of roles and responsibilities you are expecting to work on in the future.

Then you will come to know whether it really makes sense to do an agile scrum master certification being in a non-IT field. Keep doing some research on the roles and responsibilities a scrum master normally performs. Try and have a conversation with some of the scrum masters already working in various organizations of both IT and non-IT field.

You can also attempt some of the scrum fundamentals certification exams online and see how it goes whether it makes sense to you. This will definitely assist you to see which areas you already understand and are relevant to your job profile currently or not. Then and only then if you come to a conclusion for yourself that its going to be beneficial for you in the long run go ahead and attend the training classes and prepare to give the certification exam. If you have little or negligible experience in the related field then your concepts will be clear during the training which you will be attending

SarvaShikshan® e-Learning also carries out 6 month or yearly internship program for college graduates or postgraduates apart from conducting training for Scrum master certification in Pune, there are 2 flavors to it one is scrum master certification online training and classroom training also.

With SCRUMstudy Scrum Master Certification you will go through 2 days or 16 hours of good training. In this training, you get a step by step process of how the scrum process generally works. The training should also take into account the benefits of agile scrum approach to your projects. The largest advantage for the candidate would be to have a break out session with your trainer, your focus should be to ask questions related to your domain and industry and how to best apply scrum to it. Trimming things down into minor chunks of valuable and practically possible features or story items which has great benefit for numerous situations and not just software or IT industry.

Another example is in the construction industry, one can use some of the ideas from scrum methodology to their advantage. In a construction industry you can conduct a daily stand up with your sub-teams to discuss in brief what they plan to complete today and whether they have any hurdles which they foresee in completing these tasks assigned for today. In this particular strategy, you might come to realize that team members are trying to work around the hurdles and challenges without bringing them to your notice and that automatically takes care of the challenge you might face as a scrum master. It’s a normal tendency that accepting something which is holding you back is a kind of weakness in a particular person of not achieving it.

Even in the construction domain, you can do a retrospective at the end of the project phase, selecting a natural point similar to an inspection. While doing this exercise you may find out how you could have done this better and next time when you do it you can show the improvement. Some candidates who were in the construction domain a long time ago can see and relate some of the things that would have helped us better and more importantly safer if scrum would have been adopted at that time.

Even a hotel industry or a restaurant working might be able to implement some of the best practices and innovative ideas of the scrum. To quote an example of getting the Stewart or wait staff to interact in an open and frank manner with the kitchen staff could be a very important activity to undertake. This proves to be often a source of initiating a process of conversation. Doing this every 2 weeks like a sprint on a scheduled date and time by a person who is actually not a part of either group would really highlight some of the issues to surface and help solve them either. The point to note is every industry may not be able to use all of the scrum, it may not be a perfect fit in all situations. It is likely something of business value can be learned experimented and shared if successful. Experts are sure there is some value lying in that.

SarvaShikshan® e-Learning has 2 weekends for PMP classroom training and 1 weekend for scrum master certification training in Pune.  They provide scrum master certification online and classroom.

If your intention is just to gain knowledge of agile scrum without actually getting certified is not at all the best way t do it. You should decide on your goals, are you only interested in getting a job as a scrum master without having any real experience then it won’t last long.

This goal will be short-lived. Many also believe that in spite of working with hundreds of scrum masters there has been no indication that certification has anything to do with the kind of roles and responsibilities you carry out. Certification is sometimes just considered as a test which does not stress on the real-world issues and problems like management challenges. Certification can be considered as a crash course that gives you a theoretical overview of scrum to candidates who attend it. It may not cover the knowledge of how software projects are run using scrum, which can only be realistically attained through hands on the job actual project work which you do.

SarvaShikshan® e-Learning is popular based on its merits and credentials simply because the founder-director of the institute itself is the trainer also who conducts scrum master certification in Pune with classroom and scrum master certification online option.



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