Agile is the future, irrespective to Industry you choose. More than 50% of the IT/software projects use Agile and to be specific scrum (One of the and most popular agile methodology).

But it’s not only about IT, but other industries will also move on agile very soon.

IEEE already recommended Agile for Engineering projects.

The market is volatile, the requirements are always changing, people are demanding for cutting edge technology; traditional project management practices can not really work in this environment.

But this does not mean, that Agile is going to replace traditional project management practices. There are projects, which can only be done through traditional project management practices.

Real-Time Demand: At present, we are getting half the enquiries for Agile / Scrum training and remaining half for PMP (traditional)- classroom and online both.


The article is taken from Quora blog/answer by our founder/director/ trainer- Ganesh Watve.

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