As per the various views by experts which we are going to discuss in today’s blog. As per the documentation or to be precise as per the scrum master certification in pune guide which is pretty clear on this point and that is there is no need for a scrum master to know how to code. There is no situation or aspect as per the defined role of the scrum master to having coding knowledge of any kind.

There are exceptions of course to every situation and that would be where a team itself is very small may be less than 5 people. Ideally, it is very humorous to mention that scrum masters cannot code at all because ideally before working as a scrum master he might have worked as an individual contributor and that time there are chances that he might have done coding for sure unless he was from a non-development background or from the manual testing field.

The issue here might be that the scrum master could be trying to bridge the gap for both the SM role and participate in the development team as well.

This might turn up to be a very tricky situation for a scrum team to find the path through because the influence of role confusion would directly work against the clarity of role that is the strength of the framework of the scrum.

For the second questions, the answer is not that clear. The capabilities needed to play the scrum master role are mostly people-centric, compared to the technical role.

The primary skill for a scrum master is that he should be a very good communicator and should have the capability to openly translate from a business perspective to a technical feasibility perspective and vice versa. They should be visionary and should be able to diagnose complicated intrapersonal problems and act with courage to solve it.

In other words, it generally means that each and everyone is logically eligible to do the Scrum Master Certification online or classroom course.


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The scrum master also acts an umpire or referee on various conflicts or issues related to the scrum framework, like for example what are the things that should not be changed and the rational reason behind it. What aspects of the project deliverables are flexible and what could be the trade-offs for it. Are there any options or ways that the current scrum team has missed to consider. A good scrum master always make sure that as far as possible there are no surprises during project execution because of misconceptions or miscommunication etc.

In the expert’s opinions generally, those who have been programmers in the past don’t get inclined to be a good scrum master, they are generally inclined towards the technical side (the moment they chose the programming path) and may not possess the skills on the business aspects effective communication and intrapersonal harmonious relation-building skills

Candidates having experience in  Project Management, Program or Product Management, normally have an overall skill set that leads them to become Scrum Master.

We normally stress upon the fact that a candidate to go for Scrum Master Certification Online or Classroom and get the required work experience before he or she goes for any of the advanced and more difficult certification courses. At the correct time you can register for classes and move up the career ladder for advanced certifications.

The scrum master will be assisting the development team, and parallel working to solve their hindrances, so definitely know-how is beneficial and helpful. The ideal would be for a scrum master to be a fast learner and has the capacity to quickly understand the critical aspects of technical discussions from the scrum team.  They generally validate their understanding for accuracy and pass it on for the Product Owner and other business and technical teams.

In simple terms, a scrum master does not necessarily have to know how to code. A scrum master can be an ex-developer but not necessarily a developer will become a scrum master eventually. There are other professionals seen by experts like testers or test co-coordinators or test managers who become successful scrum masters. A complete technical background is not a mandate for a scrum master off courses it an advantage if one does have a technical background before he or she becomes a scrum master.

Because of the criticality, it is always advisable to go for Scrum Master Certification Online or Classroom. SarvaShikshan® e-Learning is well known and popular training institute for providing training for Scrum Master Certification in Pune.

So ideally what kind of person a scrum master should be:

  • A candidate with a thorough insight in the attitude and practices and principles of agile scrum
  • A candidate who grasps human mindset and psychology and how it helps to play a role in the teamwork environment or an organization when there is a transition from traditional to agile scrum ways of working
  • A candidate who comes to know the variations in a company and can defend the team members from distractions and outside influences so that they can concentrate on their work at hand.
  • A candidate who is passionate and eager to protect the values and merits and worth’s of agile and can elaborate them time and again to the stakeholders of the project who interact with the team members quite often.
  • A candidate that can always stand up to himself in the background and assist the scrum team to a self-disciplined or self-organized team with high level of maturity and level of understanding


If you refer to the agile manifesto it will clearly state that a scrum master does not need to know how to code but then its off course wht real and practical world.

Many times the role of a Scrum Master is not full-time, in other words, it simply means that we have to find some additional tasks for the scrum master to perform. Many think a parallel role of being a scrum master and product owner can work but as per experts’ opinion, it’s a big no-no. So basically the Scrum Master being part of the dev team is a lesser headache and this definitely calls for some technical skills.

As many other experts have said the basic skill a Scrum Master needs people management, but over and above the Scrum Master also needs to be given respect by the development team and if that needs to happen a scrum master should better be equipped with some of the coding skills as well. In general coding team always undergoes lack of belief in management related roles and if the management sees both the scrum master and product owner as simply Project Managers then the Scrum Master will face huge issues to coach and facilitate the team. This is looked upon as the key issue for newer scrum teams and companies not matured enough to understand scrum fully. So the logical and most practical and obvious answer is: No, but having said that it also assists in understanding on the maturity of the scrum team. And the technical background should be as deep as needed not to be perceived by the development team as a project manager in all but name.

Some experts feel that expecting that a scrum master needs to know coding is a joke, and they feel this because they narrate that scrum master is a role and not a position. According to them, even any programmer can play the role of someone else like scrum master if he or she is able to solve the sprint obstacles.

One can definitely debate that a particular project is so huge that it demands a need for a full-time manager-cum scrum master. Some would argue and debate that this would lead to a more bigger issue, such as that the project is too vast, more no of  programmers in one team (probably more than 8) and the right way to handle such a situation arising would be dividing the project and team in 2.

Some experts feel there are 2 answers to it one is a an ideal one and one is a more realistic and practical one. The crystal clear requirement from a scrum master is that he or she knows scrum very well and can help the scrum team implement and practice it successfully.

If you think of going by the book scrum guide, obviously a scrum master is absolutely needed to know scrum. He should be able to provide a proper direction to the team and also interact with the product owner and explain him the practical difficulties from time to time during the execution of the project and also assist in bringing the project into proper shape by getting the scrum team to become more and more productive every sprint. Now you only can see clearly that in all of this process there is no mention of any coding anywhere to be done by the scrum master.

If you look from the practical aspect however, it is more visible that people in the development team generally grow to become scrum master certification in pune. Obviously there are exceptions. Organizations in the technology domain generally prefer that the scrum master is should be technical so that things move smoothly and at a faster rate.




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