PMP certification training in Pune

PMP or popularly known as Project Management Professionals a revered and internationally recognized designation, offered by Project Management Institute. This is an exam based on PMI ‘Project Management Body of Knowledge’. With the bursting population, there is a growing concern of jobs in the Indian Market. People are desperately pushing for their options within and around their expertise. PMP certifies, on the other hand, are in great demand all over the world across.

This evokes the curiosity about the nature of the course, PMP certification training in Pune and how it is done. What are the benefits of it and how you can achieve this, there are several PMP certification training in Pune and choosing the best is a task? Now, if you are looking for a career path along the line of project management, you will get a pretty good idea about what are the advantages of PMP holders and how do they get benefited along the road of their courses

Project Management jobs in the Market:

Project management jobs provide of several roles comprising of several project teams. All these teams handling the project, work under the supervision of a project manager to make sure that the project successfully gets by. These objectives align with organizational business objects and therefore drive the business. So it is very important for the top management to build professionals with the managerial skills and leadership abilities who can guide these projects successfully. In order to constitute their project team, the companies engage themselves in various roles that perform their specific duties based on their job requirements.

And, for that to happen, every individual must have a clear insight about their project details and the most necessary thing is to have a common understanding of the unified and coherent target. So, it is not only the manager who must have PMP aligned skills but also the other members that can help in the whole aspects of the project. So it is important for them to consider attending a Microsoft Project Training. Even for the appealing of the PMP application, it is not necessary the candidate must not have a project management role rather it is important if the candidate has professional experience for at least three years and a graduation degree. It is very much required for the candidates to have at least a few years of experience in the management process areas in any roles.

It can be initiating a program or making the whole planning, monitoring and evaluating or in the closing. Hence, the candidates will be qualified to appear for the PMP exam if they are working in any corresponding roles contributing to the project. This is one of the reasons that people who want to get into PMP, prepare themselves with the best PMP certification training in Pune for obtaining the suit and the certificate themselves for the role of the project manager.

Works of the Project Manager and the Team:

Generally, a team has a variety of roles depending on the size and stature of the project. Some of the roles can be described as :

Project Manager:

The one who has overall responsibility for the project.

Associate/Assistant Manager:

The one who helps the manager with suitable options, suggestions and can take the lead in the manager’s absence.

Team leads/Manager:

If the project is too big then sometimes the teams are divided into groups and every group falls under a team leader or as a selected acting manager who leads the team as per the instructions from the supervisor manager.

Project Executive/Engineers:

Every team has their project executive and engineers who work according to their specific instructions.

Software Developers:

Their work has already been dented by their title. They work on the development of software specifically for the purpose of team’s project!

Technical Project Manager:

All the technical matters and issues are tackled by the technical project manager.

Project delivery manager:

Project delivery manager works on the closing and presentation of the project.

Business Analyst:

A business analyst works upon analyzing the market and pitching of the production on the market.

Now, a project manager leading the team might on have all the knowledge and expertise for each specific group but he must have the basic knowledge of the specific works held by every singular part in the team. His job is to conduct the whole process as a unified front. While the assistant project manager helps the manager in scheduling and other aspects but with much less authority. Everyone, therefore, is poaching for the top spot and looking for the best PMP certification training in Pune and that remains a hot inquisition on online.

Required skillsets for PMP certification:

The job of a PMP holder is much complex and it takes skills beyond technicalities and academic memorization. According to an article published in CIO, the performances that demand a certain kind of skill sets like; Technical and skills and managerial skills, leadership qualities, the mind-set of a businessman and strategic planner, organizational development expertise, excellent verbal skill, skills of a team organizer and the ability to resolve differences and work for a specific purpose, adaptable, unflappable and facilitation skills. Since these qualities are hard to come by altogether, people holding out the PMP certificates are highly in demand and so hereby Sarvashikshan provides the best PMP certification training in Pune.

Top Paying Jobs for PMP Certified:

As the people holding PMP certificates have demonstrated their particular skillsets knowledge and experience in building a successful project or to bring a business in the successful compilation, it is a globally accepted truth that people who have gone through PMP has the capability to finish projects on time under the given scope and budget. Let us take a peek now at the various jobs and opportunities available for the PMP holders.

  • Project Management Officials working in pharmaceutical departments:

The average salary of a management official, working in pharmaceutical departments in the U.S is around $132000. The pharmaceutical industries are expected to cross over 1.1 trillion dollars in sales by 2022 worldwide. So it is not at all surprising to find that professionals, working in Pharmaceutical project management earn a huge chunk of money exceeding far from the other companies. The PMs work with the doctors, researchers and particularly with engineers to make sure of the project of new medicine development for the treatment of diseases and several other health problems. A pharmaceutical PM can be a huge asset to the society given that fact that he can literally find a cure for diseases like cancer or AIDS and help save millions of lives. On the flip side, PMPs working in pharma will need an advanced healthcare degree and experience to opt-out for the top self salary packages. But at the cons side of the job; it can be said that the researches sometimes move at a frustratingly slow pace to make sure of the necessary quality and safety procedures.

  • Project Management Professional managing Resources:

The average PMP candidate working in project management, work on industries like mining petroleum, agriculture, natural gas company, agriculture, etc. Their average salary hinges somewhere around 129368$. Resources PMS often work alongside farmers, mining and oil companies to make the process of oil extraction or growth of natural resources as efficiently as possible by eliminating the waste and at the same time improving communication. A successful project signifies overseeing the process of procurement and natural resources. These sort of project managements gives you plenty of scopes to travel and brave your dormant sense of adventure. Because the field is related to specific processes including natural resources, technical backgrounds, such as engineering is preferred sometimes.Some of the top companies in this division are ; ExxonMobil(oil), BHP Billiton(mining), Cargill(agriculture).

  • PMP professionals in Consulting Project Management:

The average working salary of a PMP certified, working in Consulting Project Management sticks around129208$. The work of a project management consultant is very different from consulting project management professional. The later works as a project manager in a consulting company while the former works as a specialized consultant in project management. A manager in the consulting project is the shapeshifter of the project Management universe. The Consulting PM, on the other hand, could Work with sales managers in one month and with environmental engineers in the other. The goal of a consulting project manager depends on the industrial company they are dealing with on a case to case basis. In a nutshell, the goal is to polish industry expertise and to advance knowledge to the client so it will be beneficial for them in fulfilling their project. The career of a project manager is highly rewarding for someone who enjoys variety, as they might be asked to walking in the shoes of a computer technician to the gloves of a construction builder. The top consulting firms in this particular field s are Mckinsky& Company; the Boston Consulting Group, Bain & Company, etc.

  • Aerospace Project Manager:

If as a kid you wanted to touch the sky, ran through the streets, spreading your arms wide around then this job might be your dream destination. The salary is a ripe amount of 121923$. The Aerospace managers work together with the engineers and designers to make sure of the arrival of newer aviation model on time with proper control and safety measurements. As a bonus, you will get to work with the latest technologies on the planet and cherish the dream of staying as advanced as possible. The best of such companies are Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed Martin, etc.

  • Engineering project management professional:

Average US Salary $121,769

Engineers are to be said as one of the smartest people of the planet. Though they’re very skilled they too sometimes can escape the minute details. An engineering professional’s job is to make the other co-workers focused. An engineering PM’s job is to work with other engineers. They also work with the clients and make sure the outcome of the product should be desirable to the client. The key to a successful project is to guide the development of a complicated product as per the budget and it’s specified timeline. The success of a project management engineer lies in the fact that he gets to see a huge achievement at the end of the project. For example, a computer chip or satellite or a bridge. At the same time, an engineering PM has to be extremely knowledgeable and he must have enough experience in the engineering fields so that the outcome of the project they are working on is good. Some of the best in the business are Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc.

PMP certification training in Pune

You can wish to take online courses or classroom-based PMP certification training in Pune. In both cases, you will be eligible to get the certificate and acclamation of a Proper PMP qualified candidate. There are several books that you can buy and read for PMP exams. However, there is no institution for PMP certification training in Pune that can promise you an entry on any chances. It always depends on how willing or motivated you are, whether you have prepared methodically. Do you have the sort of personality for the job and most importantly, does your passion fall in line with your target or not. Sarvashikshan has made easy and accessible by providing the most precise and well structured PMP certification training in Pune, for the people who want to reach a new level in a project management career.

PMP jobs and recognition and PMP within organizations:

A PMP certificate makes the resume more eye-catching and it is displayed on the profiles of the organization. The candidate becomes higher ranked to be picked for any project and the job becomes more challenging and rewinding which is very motivational and makes the candidate enthusiastic about his job.

It is not that the PMP candidates are only required in the technical sector, they are demanded in the business sectors as well. In the department of business, the human resources department is very well aware of this certification and they also want to hire PMP certified candidates, Because they are the ones creating jobs in collaboration with the technical department.

The certification has also valued by the training and development department. These type of organizations sponsor the PMP certification training in Pune for the advancement of the skill of the rest of the candidates in the department. They arrange the in-house PMP training or outsourcing trainee workshop.

The recent decades have turned more into Projectized organization that once were trending fundamental organizations. Being inspired by them there are many players in the market than before in addition to the big market players. These organizations focus more on challenging business services than a day to day tasks.

PMP certification job in global market:

With the rise of the internet and the new era of digital media, the new ventures have arrived and there are expansions of new horizons in the job market. The players who once have enhanced and marked global footing, their market share has also been increased. This fact has helped in providing motivation for the new companies to cope up with the trend and technologies. The companies are looking for candidates with PMP holders and thus, Sarvashikshan has introduced the best PMP certification training in Pune and online course for ambitious candidates

To improve the skills of the employees to the standard of the global market the companies are also working on it. As per the demand of the market, the companies train and certify their trainers with the best PMP certification training in Pune. Also, they hire the required skilled professional who is capable of enhancing the development of the company. This fulfills the criteria of a certified candidate and the Project Management Professionals. The job posting of management or the senior posting management would help in understanding the value of PMPs.

The market players are in demand of the PMP credentials as they look forward to hiring people with good skills and displayable profile. Therefore, the PMP certificate is the key to prove one’s ability in the global job market as well it helps in making a permanent mark on it.

Even the implementing companies need PMP certification for setting out vendor selection. To select vendor management and project management capabilities are assessed which is also helpful to assess the sustainability of the consulting organization.

PMP certification salary:

According to PMI’s project management salary survey from 203 different countries, a PMP certificate offers an advantage of the medium in PMP salary. Although the increment of salary depends on different countries. In the US the average salary of the respondent was $112,000 with total compensation of $120,000. The average earning of the PMP certification holders was 25% higher than the others.

There are some huge gap in the demand and actual numbers of PMP certified candidates. The organizations are always looking for the project management resources but the number never touches the demand of the organizers.

There are several facts that contribute to this huge gap of demands. The first one being the increment of project-oriented works. Others include the retirement of professionals from the workforce. In rapidly developing economies the demand for project talent is always high.

The new project-oriented global economy results in a wider range of job opening and project management discipline. In a PMI report regarding the demand of PMP certification says that there should be 2.2 million project oriented job roles filled by 2027.

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