Excellent training with appropriate practical examples which helps learners to relate things mentioned in theory. Ganesh sir’s support and help is not just till training but he makes sure that we crack the certification. If you are looking for PMP/Agile/Scrum certification training then this is the best place for you 🙂
Gaurav Ghaisas
Senior Business Analyst, Amdocs India
Ganesh sir is a great tutor, explains everything completely and very easy to understand details about PMP. He is great at explaining, and very knowledgeable. He puts great effort into all sessions to ensure that all fully understand and everything covered. I found it very helpful and today I am a certified PMP. I would definitely recommend SarvaShikshan as best place to learn/certify as PMP.
Chittaranjan Padhy, PMP®
Senior Project Manager, L & T Infotech Ltd
Cracked CAPM exam in my first attempt thanks to Sarvashikshan! Quality teaching and personal attention is what makes this institute stand out! Kudos to Ganesh sir!
Aniket Datar, CAPM®
Product Innovation Specialist, Efficienergi Consulting Pvt. Ltd
I attended CAPM class in this institute in July-August 2017. The teaching methodology is excellent. Personal attention is given to every student. Mr. Watwe is available for any guidance even after the class on call/whatsapp & even in person. Regular follow ups are taken till you clear you certification exam. A excellent institute for PMP aspirants.
utsav joshi
Utsav Joshi, CAPM®
The center for SCRUM and PMP certification. Center will help you in enrollment process and ensure your doubts are cleared before enrollment. They provides online as well as class room training. Training session was interactive. Post training trainer’s availability and support was as helpful which we always expect.
Abhijit Jadhav, SMC
Sagitec Solutions
I Completed Scrum Master Certification Training at this Institute.A good institute fr scrum master certification training. Faculty is good experienced and give personal attention and explains concept with examples.
Kaustubh Goswami, SMC
Project Management Specialist, Honeywell
I passed PMP, Obviously a dedicated hard work has no choice but you need a supportive teacher who can guide you always in all your queries in this journey and must be readily available. Ganesh sir was there always. I had a good experience with the training. Ganesh sir covers all the concepts thoroughly with detailed explanation and examples. As a person he is very supportive and humble. Highly recommended.
Lalit Khade, PMP®
Project Manager, FiberHome
I attended PMP Certification training in SarvaShikshan. Trainer was Ganesh.It was a virtual session. I thank this institute for arranging this virtual facility as i was not able to attend it physically sitting in classroom. The uniqueness of this institute is , Ganesh was giving very useful inputs until the last day of my preparation for PMP. Also weekly there is a support call for any clarifications to be cleared..Many of my doubts were cleared. Now Iam PMP Certified.All glory to Lord Jesus.
Jeba Rajesh, PMP®
Senior Manager, Michelin
I believe “SarvaShikshan ” is truly professional and best training institute for PMP and Scrum Certification in PUNE. The trainer and training pattern is very well organised. I have taken PMP and Scrum training from SarvaShikshan and successfully passed. After training support and mentoring really appreciable which I believe makes them special than others . Best wishes to them ..
Sameer Bhanage, SMC, PMP®
Senior Project Manager, Tata Technologies
I attended 2 days online training for Scrum Master and I was amazed the clarity with which concepts were explained by Ganesh Watve sir. An extremely knowledgeable Ganesh Sir explained the Scrum Framework and Agile Principles in such a way that it faciliated active engagement of every CSM aspirant. I didn’t had any prio knowledge and experience of Scrum but after attending 2 days session it made me feel confident just because the way with which Ganesh sir guided to understand most of the concepts were simply awesome. Your guidance was certainly invaluable sir !!
Sanket Kataria
Excellent – I have successfully completed my Scum Master Certification (SMC) from Sarvashikshan Institute. Mr Watve carries good industry experience, also his way of teaching is simple and easy to understand. Tips and Tricks of the subject are well provided and explained. The course materials and tools provided helps a lot. I strongly recommend the institute for aspirants!
Varratna Bondade, SMC
Senior Software Engineer, Globant
“Excellent coverage of all PMP® knowledge areas. Ganesh has a good nack of converting difficult topics into simple and understandable one. He gives real life project management examples to understand topics clearly. Also support to resolve any kind of doubts till exam day. I will rate overall training as excellent experience for me. Thanks Ganesh for all support !!!!”
sitaram kulkarni
Sitaram Kulkarni, PMP®
Senior Project Manager, Accenture
Thank you for your guidance Ganesh Sir. Nice class to attend for all PMP® related concepts understanding in a manner that gives ample of examples. I suggest, who reads this comment & want to be certified with smart techniques,please join SarvaShikshan®. Thank you once again.
sangram nawle
Sangram Nawle, PMP®
Advisory Consultant, Watson Supply Chain – Procurement Solutions, IBM
“Excellent coverage of all PMP® knowledge areas. Ganesh has a good nack of converting difficult topics into simple and understandable one. He gives real life project management examples to understand topics clearly. Also support to resolve any kind of doubts till exam day. I will rate overall training as excellent experience for me. Thanks Ganesh for all support !!!!”
Jagruti Jawale
Jagruti Jawale, PMP®
Project Manager, IBM
Before PMP Certification – Great learning experience. Now, it’s time for us to study hard for the exam and keep the same momentum going. After PMP Certification – Glad to write a review after getting certified. I got this certification in Dec’2018. Ganesh Sir has been very kind in helping all along to complete the certification in 1st attempt. Real hand holding is done by Ganesh Sir during the study time last year and even helped to plan the study calendar. PMP learning is helping me in my project manager role and definitely gives an edge if one is planning to switch. Many thanks!!
Pranav Ukidwe, PMP®
Senior Engineer, Behr Hella Thermocontrol (BHTC)
I had a wonderful experience learning from Ganesh sir learning for the PMP certification. He has an amazing way of explaining things through examples you can relate with which makes learning and remembering topics pretty easy. He was very accommodating when it came to the timing of the classes as there was a time-zone difference. I would recommend SarvaSikshan e-learning to anyone who is looking for quality education material and an experienced professional as their trainer.
Akhil Raj
I attended the distance learning PMP course by SarvaShikshan. Ganesh is an excellent teacher and he will try to explain you the topic till everyone has not understood.In distance learning he was not able to see any of us then also he used to ask each one of if we have understood the concept or not and if not then he will repeat till we were not clear.The class was scheduled for 35 PDU but he gave 37 PDU and teaches for around 40 hours.Thank you Ganesh for your support.
Moin Ahmed Siddiqui
Project Manager, L & T Technology Services Ltd
Mr Ganesh is a passionate and and highly dedicated teaching professional. His sound industry experience coupled with the conceptual clarity of the PMP curriculum helps learners grasp the subject in simple manner. His ease of communications makes the online course also as effective and fruitful as the classroom one. I very much recommend him for the PMP training and appreciate his supportive nature towards his students.
ARK Abhijit
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality Ganesh Sir is very accommodative, patient and does not shy away from going over the concepts over and over again with you until you get it. The huge knowledge base that he comes along with, plus the practical daily life examples for clearing up concepts helped me get to the roots of the PMBOK. THANK YOU GANESH 🙏
Sameer Nanda
Senior Project Manager, BNED Software Solutions
I would say SarvaShikshan is one of the best institute for Scrum master preparations. Special thanks to Ganesh sir his experience and teaching techniques makes the course very simple to understand. I would highly recommend this institute to the people who are looking forward to prepare for PMP or Scrum training.
Prateek Dandekar
Business-Functional Analyst HDFC Bank Ltd
I have recently completed classroom training. Ganesh Sir have very distinct style of teaching and knows student’s limitations. Before the sessions begin he took revisions, which now I find was very helpful after the course completion. – Interactive sessions, very positive environment and builds confidence for exam preparation – He gave workable tips to create a study plan, constantly motivating to follow pathway to complete certification. – I found the classroom training very best, in every break Sir came with us for tea, lunch etc. and interacted with us, trying to understand our requirements and background, spending quality time and making the best use of breaks. – The best thing: His support extends beyond 37 hours, in the call on every Wednesday which extends to all ex-students, Sir answered various questions of different people, also took revision of PMI framework, in which he quickly gave brief overview all the 49 processes of Project Management. This is extremely helpful. I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking to upgrade their skill-set with PMP certification.
Ruchi Lutade
Product Engineer – Technical Specialist, Cummins Filteration
I took the PMP Certification training (for mandatory contact hours). I had wonderful a experience and would recommend this training center to others. Pros: – The course is designed in a manner that it covers all the topics and gives ample time of some of the very important topics. – Ganesh Sir made sure that every person of the batch understands and remembers process names and other imp. concepts – Examples used to explain some of the concepts were amazing! – Gives you 37 contact hours. – Shares the tips and study plan, which is really helpful – He conducts additional Q&A session every week, which no other institute provides – Small batch size so more attention on each individual – Opens up channel for seeking job Cons: I give 10/10 on study part, the only thing i did not like is the infrastructure of the institute.Its basically a 2 room place on Tilak Road. It needs a serious upgrade in terms of better lights, chairs, cold water and washroom facility. For a 4 day-long training, it gets really uncomfortable to study in a small room without proper seating, air, light.
Preshita Jain
Program Manager – Cybersecurity, Eaton Technologies
I am based in Muscat, Oman. I have got training of PMP from Sarvashikshan Pune thro’ Webinar. I have experienced that the provided training was very good and up to the mark; Mr. Ganesh explains all the aspects very precisely and patiently. The provided training booklet and web site access given by Sarvashikshan, Pune was very much useful and found to be in line with PMBOK. I thank the institute for the provided training.
Prashant Moharir
Deputy General Manager, SMC Infra LLC Oman
Mr. Ganesh is an expert and not only he teaches, but he is a practitioner himself. He explained the concepts with real examples which helped me understand the PMBOK 6th Edition very well. In PMO, usage of correct terminologies matters the most and Ganesh, with over 15 years of industry experience has aptly designed the course. Highly recommended and well in budget.
Ameya Paratkar
Content Maker, Whizible By LifeLine Systech Solutions Pvt Ltd
Enrolled for the PMP Certification Training at Pune. Training was very well structured and was imparted with good examples overall. Trainer Mr Ganesh is extremely diligent and sincere in his approach. He ensured the concepts were well understood and the content was covered as planned. Thanks much!
Pooja Rathi
Transition Head – WHRS BU at Wipro Limited
SarvaShikshan is one of the best institutions for PMP training. Course content is very good & useful, Ganesh is highly experienced and explains each and every concept right from the scratch and in detail. He share real world /practical examples across all industries that will help to understand concepts in one shot. End of the session, he shares Study tricks/ tips, and also how to attempt for the exam and areas where to more concentrate. Keep doing good work, thank you.
Pankkaj Paliwal
I attended preparatory course at Sarva Shikshan for PMP certification in Pune. Ganesh is a very good trainer. He explained the concepts well with real world examples. His commitment and passion to help the students is remarkable. Training sessions were interactive and Ganesh ensured no one misses important information. Ganesh provides support throughout PMP journey right from filling in the application till clarifying any doubts, discussing specific topics even after training course is over. His personal attention, follow-up, continuous encouragement and push to schedule an exam date was very helpful. He is very patient in listening to and answering all the queries in the classroom as well as after the training is over. I passed PMP exam with ‘Above Target’ score with guidance and constant encouragement from Ganesh! Thanks!
Ashish Patwardhan
Lead Engineer, Giesecke+Devrient Mobile Security
Hello friends, today I want to share a very important and must read review. Friends as many of us are very curious and Eger to learn new things and expand our thinking and knowledge we often tries to learn new things and for this in today’s era this is a great opportunity for us to learn more from “Sarva Shikshan”. I have enrolled training sessions for “Scrum Master and Agile apprach” and i am seriously get great knowledge from Ganesh Sir. We pleased and wants to thanks once again to Ganesh sir for providing us such a great opportunity to learn more about Srum Master and agile approach. I am interested in other courses and also looking forward to enroll certification courses for Scrum Master Professional and PMP. Thanks.
Harmanpreet Singh
Senior Systems Analyst, Allscripts Limited
I received the 2-day training from Shri Ganesh Watve, and within the first hour all my skepticism vanished. There are many MOOCs and courses online and it’s so difficult to choose the right one, so I am happy that I made the right decision. Ganesh is especially patient and humble with people’s queries. I’m now very confident that I would be able to clear the certification examination – also because the course runs you through around 50 questions of the pattern similar to what you might expect at a certification examination.
Sorabh Sodhani
Such clarity of explanation that just in the 2 days training, I understood the Scrum framework, without need for prior knowledge. All my questions were satisfactorily answered, leaving no doubt in my mind. I am happy about having done the Scrum Master training, especially at a promotional rate. I would like to say that Mr. Ganesh Watwe is not only an excellent trainer but also an experienced Project Management Professional.
Deepak Paranjape
Content Development Manager Sahi Labs
I trained with SarvaShikshan for the PMP exam. I found the training provided very useful to be able to pass the PMP exam on four counts. 1) Right level of course content with clear definitions and explanations of concepts for passing the exam. Stress was on understanding the concepts and practical application. 2) Great personal attention during and after the training when preparing for the exam. 3) Very useful tips on method of study and time and temperament management. 4) A very comprehensive question bank with questions of the right depth and coverage of the syllabus. Coupled with the above advantages is the extremely positive attitude of the trainer, Ganesh Sir, which pushes the student to pass the exam in the very first attempt and within a short period.
Shailesh Gokhale, PMP®
Associate Manager, Ex Accenture
I have undergone 4-days training from Sarva shikshan. I would definitely recommend it for all who are targeting PMP. Ganesh is an excellent teacher. He has a genuine desire to help us understand the concepts. He has been very patient & courteous answering everyone’s queries. He makes extra effort to ensure that we will get the whole idea of what is being taught. He makes sure to clarify& resolve all the queries with clear explanation and also while explaining he uses examples of different industries which is very useful. Ganesh is always available for help even after the training is over. I really liked tricks shared by Ganesh for understanding the concepts & passing the exam. He always makes sure that sessions are interactive and no one misses any important information.
Shalini Patel, SMC
Product Engineer Cummins
I took the PMP training @SarvShikshan. I really like nicely summarized course content as well as various tips/tricks shared by Ganesh sir for passing the challenging PMP exam. I found him to be a soft spoken and helpful person. As a trainee, I enjoyed 4 full days of sessions and witnessed his committment towards – attending every participant, keeping the sessions interactive, making sure no one misses the sessions and important information. Overall, he is quite down to earth and his ability to handle experienced people smoothly made it a wonderful experience. I recommend SarvShikshan if anyone is looking for PMP training/certification!??
Prashant Pawar
Senior MI Designer at Shell, Analytics & Reporting
I have successfully completed my Scum Master Certification (SMC) from Sarvashikshan Institute. Ganesh Watve is proprietor cum mentor of this institue. He is highly experienced from industry and has very good teaching ability. Ganesh helped in every aspects right from effective classroom training till appearing for the exam. He is very flexible , approachable and helping in nature. He teaches the concepts till the student understands it thoroughly. I would recommend to do PMP, SMC, Sixsigma certifications to be attended from this institute. The path to success is guaranteed !!!!
Vipul Kekre, PMP®
Senior Manager, Cognizant
I am glad that i decided to choose SarvaShikshan e-Learning Studio for SCRUM Master certification.Wonderful learning experience and i like the way classes are organised. They provides quality learning experience with in affordable price. my instructor Ganesh is very knowledgeable and handled the class very well in terms of making it very interactive, keeping it interesting and responding to all my questions.
Bhanu Prakash Nukala
Bhanu Prakash Nukala, SMC
Big Data Engineer, Ascension Technologies
It was a great learning experience with thisinstitute and coach Ganesh. Ganesh has great skills of teaching and explaining the PMP concept in a very simple way which is also augmented with good PMI Study martial. It’s also important to mention that Ganesh has extented support and help to clarify difficulties / exam application preparation. I strongly recommend this institute whoever is preparing for PMP. Thanks Ganesh for all encouragement and motivation… All the best ??
Anil kori
Anil Kori, PMP®
Senior Program Manager, KSPG Automotive
Took PMP training from Sarvashikshan and got the certification in September 2015. Ganesh Watve is an excellent coach and a mentor. The four day training session was very methodical, thorough, and interactive with content clearly explained. Even after the four day training session, Ganesh did guide me throughout the exam preparation time with any doubts that I had, encouraged me to take practise tests
Ashwini Nijasure
Ashwini Nijasure, PMP®
Senior Manager, Symantec
– One of the best institute for PMP – e-learning material is very good. Video’s are best source to revise. – PMP trainer Mr. Ganesh Watve is thorough in his preparation. He explains concepts well and clears all doubts. His experience in PMP field is vast and he covers every aspect of PMBOK in a very easy approach. – I will recommend Sarvashikshan for PMP/CPMP any time!!
Akshay Dange, PMP®
Senior Business Analyst, Sun Life Financial, Canada
PMI Registered Education Provider, Quality Teaching and personal attention is what makes this institute standout. Ganesh Sir is an excellent teacher. He is also contributor in PMBOK guide. He has very good hold on the subject. He is always available for help even after the training is over. Prep. exam on class website and app needs improvement and additional practice questions. I would definitely recommend Sarvashikshan e-learning for all of those who are targeting PMP certification. Giving 4/5 points to keep scope for improvement.
Aniket Patkar, PMP®
Project Lead, Dar Al-Handasah
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Value Ganesh Is a great teacher. It was easy to communicate and do the live online training in my US central time zone. I passed the proctored online test on the first attempt. I I recommend the scrum master training very highly.
Jena Stanislawski, SMC
Technology Project Manager, Wells Fargo, USA

Chanda Bora, PMP®, SMC – Project Manager at Wells Fargo

August 2018:
The scrum master course is designed very well and the instructor Mr Ganesh watve is also very good and helpful. Looking fwd to other courses too in near future..
August 2019: gave the SCrum master certification. The knowledge given by Ganesh sir was the key in getting certified. Although remotely done never missed the classroom sessions. Now enrolled to PMP hope to clear it with the course, material and tips and training provided by sarvashikshan institute and Ganesh sir. Thanks ??
Dec 2019: Only because of sarvashikshan and Ganesh sir guidance, i was able to get pmp certified. He helped in application process too.Even after the course was over Ganesh sir was always ready to help and guide . Excelent teaching, study material and long distance support was the key for my success and i highly recommend this institute for scrum master and PMP certification . I got both these within 3 months(Aug-Oct 2019) . All thanks to the institute and Ganesh sir.

Chintan Kakadiya, PMP® – Senior Lead at Bajaj Finance Ltd

When it comes to understanding the complicated concepts with easy examples, Ganesh sir does this sheer ease. Ganesh sir has converted the PMBOK guide in simple guide that can be digested without any difficulty. Thank you sir for giving the confidence to conquer this mammoth task.

I must recommend this training (SarvaShikshan) for everyone.

<<Reviews after I passed the exam – 08-Dec-2020>>

As many of you know, the exam is all about scenarios. Hence understanding of concepts is of paramount importance with real life scenarios. Ganesh sir just did that… Ganesh sir explains every concept with practical examples which makes very easy to digest the concept and differentiate it with other similar concept.

Even after classroom training, we have a doubt session every Saturday so that we can get out doubts cleared… Ganesh sir is definitely taking one mile extra for our certification…

In short, I am very happy that I went for SarvaShikshan Institute for my PMP certificate journey. I will strongly recommend the PMP aspiring candidates to go for it… It will make the preparation smoother…

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