What is the need of Agile Scrum in Software Development?


Agile Scrum Master certification in pune development is the buzz word for numerous iterative and incremental software development. There are various agile development methods like extreme programming (XP), Dynamic Systems development method (DSDM), Feature-Driven Development (FDD), Lean Development and last but not least at all is Scrum. The most popular development methodology in agile today is Scrum.

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There are several reasons why we need agile software development methods over other traditional development methodologies like

Speedy deployment, adjustable to client needs, effective solution to the end-user, better quality, and business collaboration is much better, work styles are better, cost remains under control always, risk management is effective, and time to market is much faster because of faster deployment cycles.

As experts say agile is a tool more than a goal. People really pray and worship agile methodologies and there are some bunch of people who have no idea at all of what it is all about. So both approaches are incorrect in the expert’s opinions.

Like every other tool or training you have to grasp the best practices and understand the principles and concepts thoroughly and start implementing in your day to day projects effectively, you will then realize that there’s a lot agile scrum development methodology has to offer to your projects for its betterment for eg sprint planning work break down structure, prototyping, etc.

The most important message this is passing are team members are not robots and innovativeness and creativity should be given utmost importance and for that sufficient time should be given to team members to think and come up with different ideas as part of the agile scrum process.

Agile scrum software development methodology is a set of best practices based on the importance and concepts expressed in the agile manifesto. It is like a Bhagwat Gita of agile. Solutions keep on coming through a collaborative environment between self-disciplined and cross-functional teams. However, the need for agile scrum software development over other development methodologies is for the following reasons.

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Agile Scrum methodology is more adaptive and adjustable to changes very much faster than other software development methods. A client can at will include or remove or modify requirements and change its priorities as per business needs at the start of each development cycle or sprint, thus directing the project team on the work for the next iteration.

wherein traditional software development where the client is required to give an elaborate idea of their requirements with respect to the software being built, the agile scrum software development methodologies are more adaptive and accommodative and adjustable because of its iterative nature. Through the agile scrum software development methodology the client is always kept in the loop at all times during the sprint cycle or development execution so that they can better suggest any changes or improvements and constantly review each and every phase and can modify the requirements until it is selected for implementation

as per the nature of agile software development which goes through numerous rollout cycles called sprints, it always has better control and the possibility of providing exactly what the client needs at any given point in time. These sprints are designed in such a way that they not only accommodate new features but also make changes if required to the existing features already developed. This particular aspect of agile scrum development methodology continuously meet the client’s ever-changing requirements thus resulting is much greater customer satisfaction

the agile scrum development methodology is known for its speedy deployment cycles with shorter sprints with a max length of maybe 1 or at the most 2-week cycle, this methodology rolls out the skeleton solution to the clients as soon as it’s ready. Changes happening later or new things being added are rolled out incrementally if future sprints and that’s why the end result is a faster deployment cycle to clients and continuous improvements and they go on providing feedback.


this particular methodology promotes continuous feedback in order to shape up the final design of the product or software you are building. The end-users or clients or stakeholders keep providing feedback to the actual execution and implementation team members and then they in turn make the necessary changes or adjustments to the configuration in order to accommodate the extra value add the end-user needs in the product.

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The acceptance was that team could come to software engineering the same way as building construction with bricks mortar etc. we decide a mindset that we can plan and break down the product into components to be delivered in chunks and bits n pieces integrated together eventually in an iterative development cycle just like any other engineering process.

It is pretty obvious that longer a software development project requires a higher margin of errors compared to the forecasted baseline. If it’s a relatively short project it can be compared with the traditional engineering model of development. But since its nonlinear, the changes which keep on happening can be accommodated.

That is exactly the situation that agile scrum software development tackles and it can be considered as just another name for risk management. The process or methodology to keep moving under very high improbable conditions and uncertainty. Instead of predicting long term steps to be taken ahead you just focus on the short term plan ahead of an exact path for a definite direction. Then you tend to plan a few steps ahead, execute them, validate and access them of its feasibility, and to check if they are still in the right direction and then plan for the next few steps accordingly.

It is actually similar to managing a portfolio of shares for example as you very well know that’s almost impossible to predict the financial market and its stability in the long term and you don’t try to do so also. You always validate the risk associated with this kind of investment before you put in your money and always still assume that you can live with a certain level of loss you have to face.

The criticality of the Agile scrum movement is not to market your tools or processes. It’s just to bring know-how to the people about the concepts of risk management.

As a product owner, experts always feel to think that the agile scrum framework motivates continuous deployment, client constant feedback, and provision to enhance requirements. This is actually a good sign because clients hardly know what exactly they are looking for until they’ve actually seen it work. When developing in collaboration with clients, it’s the best way to develop the right thing.

The agile scrum software development methodology facilitates the sprint backlog to be managed effectively and efficiently. No time is  wasted at all on creating things that are not required or at least not required at that point in time

Taking into account the old software development life cycle vis-à-vis today’s advanced SDLC models there was no participation of product owners or stakeholders also called customer representative from the initial stage to the ending of the software development cycle until the introduction of the agile scrum model.

An agile model includes of sub-model called Agile scrum model, which is an iterative-spiral model, it actually means that developing the software phase by phase(as customer requirements are huge, they are divided into small chunks and developed accordingly) and releasing that software version by version( as clients requirement are changing frequently) to the client site. This particular development methodology for software is possible only in the agile scrum model. Being agile means basically is immediate or quick to change direction.

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