What Do I Need To Learn To Get a Scrum Master Certification?

The first and foremost decision you need to make is which certification you want to complete, whether its scrum master Certification in pune or scrum developer or whether its scrum product owner. It’s a clear fact that if you have worked as a developer then obviously your first target of any certification would be scrum developer certification. This scrum developer certification will help that individual to actually learn the tricks of the trade for an agile scrum software developer. However, from the purpose of answering the question asked it will be more relevant to answer from the scrum master certification perspective.

If you plan to take Scrum Master Certified certification offered by SCRUMstudy, then attending a 16 hour or 2 day training is mandatory. This will be followed by a proctored online exam for 120 minutes with 100 questions which are of the objective types (MCQs). However, before attending the scrum master certification exam I would suggest to go for the scrum fundamentals certification test which is of 60 minutes with 40 MCQs. Clearing this exam and bagging a basic scrum related certification will really boost your confidence to score really well in the scrum master certification exam. If you already have prior experience in handling scrum related projects then you can very easily clear this exam without any doubt.

There are other certifications like Professional Scrum Master (PSM1) from scrum.org., then you don’t need to attend any training as its not mandatory. However you need to study and take a test, many have said that this exam is a tough one so its always better to take training prior to giving the PSM1 certification exam.

SarvaShikshan® e-Learning is located in Pune Maharashtra one of the most popular city and is considered as the education hub all over India where we conduct Scrum master certification in Pune, also scrum master certification online and classroom training.

The scrum master certified training gives a thorough and careful insight into the scrum system for feather footed undertaking administration and furthermore ends up becoming a guaranteed scrum master. You will get a grip on the fundamentals and principles of scrum and its life cycle, how to make a scrum group setup and make it work and how to actually execute the Scrum methodology. This 2 days classroom or online training will open new opportunities for you in various industry divisions.

The following steps are associated with the accreditation procedure

Step one: Understand and grasp the Scrum primary structure and its entire life cycle.

Step two: Attend the 2 day or 16 hours SMC instructional class directed by Ganesh Watve, Founder Director and Trainer of SarvaShikshan® e-Learning.

Step three: attempt the 2 hour Proctored Online SMC Exam led by SCRUMstudy and clear it with flying colors.

When you pass the exam, you will immediately get a soft copy of the Scrum Master Certified Certificate from SCRUMstudy. The hard copy of the certificate will be delivered to your address of correspondence given by you during the form filing and credential submission information for acknowledgment, and a participation profile must be finished.

To achieve a Scrum Master Certification you actually need to learn and understand all about scrum theoretically and practically as well. You will be required to attain skills on how to be an effective and efficient scrum master, not to forget an effective scrum team member as well. Keep on continuously using the scrum metrics offered like product backlogs, burn down charts etc, and introduce scrum without majorly or drastically chaining your organization way of working. You would additionally need to know about the scrum values and principles and the way in which these support the success of your project and then you can think of how to scale your scrum project from single team to multiple teams in distributed (off-shore as well as on-site) environment. With SCRUMstudy you have access to the online course material complimentary with the classroom and live online classes with 180 days validity. Certification exams are proctored online so you can take it from home or office or from wherever you are having an internet connection, mic, headphone and webcam.

All the SCRUMstudy authorized trainers are scrum study certified trainers with deep understanding of  project management as well as Agile Scrum principals fundamentals concepts and processes thoroughly in any domain to effectively apply to it. Their practical and real life personal experiences and examples make it simpler for candidates to grasp and value complicated Scrum and Agile concepts. Before teaching any Scrum or Agile class, each instructor or trainer goes through a rigorous and exhaustive SCRUMstudy “Train-the-Trainer” program about matured and adult learning techniques and process, methods and concepts necessary to make their classes more innovative and interesting, enjoyable and enriching. Our trainer is having a teaching experience of about 5 years since he is authorized to becme scrum certified trainer and eligible for teaching.

SarvaShikshan® e-Learning  is a small institute but because of its merits and credentials is rated one of the most popular scrum master certification training in Pune.  We provide scrum master certification online and classroom.

The designation offered by SCRUMstudy is Scrum Master Certified to practitioners who have successfully completed the training course and exam and also have showcased their level of understanding by practically implementing it to their live projects. The SMC professional performs following functions like for ex. Assist in project teams in using scrum effectively and efficiently. Provide expertise over and above a normal project manager. Ideally a Scrum Master should act as a servant leader and assist the team to work cohesively and understand and learn the framework. He generally shields the team from external and internal distractions.

SarvaShikshan® e-Learning is located in the heart of the city of Pune on the busy Tilak Road which is accessible from any part of the city and conducts scrum master certification in Pune with classroom and scrum master certification online options.


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