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Experts believe that one should go for Scrum Master Certification; they generally quote this statement based on real-life situations, one such being stated below.

A person working in a French multinational company in India with an overall experience of more than 10 years in the IT industry. He senses quite a lot of switching from traditional project management or traditional approach for development to an agile one and that too with Scrum. He foresees exponential growth in agile scrum certified professionals and he feels that it is the future requirements of almost all of the IT projects coming your way. If one is a certified professional it will definitely be a value add to your current profile, suppose you are not certified then there are fewer chances of getting a role of scrum master in an organization, however for sure if you are certified professional you will get more weight for an obvious reason that industry has faith and trust on the certified than the uncertified. Also the certification cost is not as high so one must definitely go for it as gained knowledge and experience never expires.

There is no doubt that Scrum certification has definitely created a hype, but still many individuals are unaware of it and hence not going for it. Ideally for getting certified with flying colors one must have the relevant experience as a business analyst and overall agile concepts and principles. The next stage after getting certified is just the beginning as it will then depend on you as an individual to justify the knowledge gained during training and exam to put into use of your daily work. Yes, there are definitely quite a lot of openings available for scrum master positions, however, they may not be available in very large volumes as every project requires only one scrum master or a scrum master can handle no of projects at the same time.

SarvaShikshan® e-Learning is one such institute located in Pune Maharashtra one of the most reputed cities and is considered as the education hub all over India where  BestScrum master certification, also scrum master certification online and classroom training is conducted.

One should always try and pursue a career in which you have passion and interest and then acquire all the related skills and certifications related to that field to be on top of others when it comes to selecting from a volume of available candidates. The question you always keep asking yourself is…there are so many scrum master professionals available in the market today that makes me better than others to get selected or given preference over others.

Scrum is always a methodology to manage all the work related to a project in a team of professionals whether they are engineers or candidates from other relevant academic backgrounds. Even if you are working as a quality professional or analyst, you can still consider doing scrum master certification.

Not many are aware of the situation in Toronto Canada, but in general, there is a scope of doing scrum master certification and find a job in Canada. Companies normally give preference or do the first selection based on certification so not having one would definitely be a setback and there are chances you might miss out there. If you want to distinguish yourself is through certification, one would recommend getting experience as a Scrum Master first and then go for certification.

In Canada, we have many professionals who have done scrum master and scrum product owner certifications some working in the private sector and some even working with the Canadian government. We must say that awareness and importance of such certifications is much more in foreign countries than in the Indian company market scenario. Although we are seeing this situation changing in India rapidly with more and more companies adopting agile scrum as their product development methodology with the scope of job prospects and betterment increases day by day for people going for scrum certification.

The awareness of the importance of doing scrum master certification is ever increasing in Canada with many institutes that have come up in the past few years in major cities like Toronto, Ontario, etc to name a few where organizations are demanding Scrum certified professionals be a part of their product development projects.

SarvaShikshan® e-Learning even though being small institute has its merits and credentials is rated 4.9 out of 5.0 on google reviews and rating scale for scrum master certification training in Pune.  We are providers for scrum master certification online and classroom certifications.

Amongst quite a few certifying bodies across the world today for doing various scrum related certifications, SCRUMstudy is one such certifying body which is currently one of the most popular because of its well defined and well-structured syllabus for scrum master certification and along with having SBOK guide to study, they have a proctored online exam structure. SCRUMstudy has many such certifications related to scrum however the most preferred and popular across the globe is the scrum master certification and next to it would be scaled scrum and product owner certifications.

So to summarize the information provided in this blog yes we would say there are enough job opportunities existing in the job market for scrum master certified professionals across the globe, it’s the need to be present at the right time and at the right place to grab the opportunity and for that one needs to be better equipped with the knowledge, experience, and relevant certifications to grab this one in a lifetime kind of opportunities coming your way.

SarvaShikshan® e-Learning Training Institute is centrally located in Sadashiv Peth one of the busiest areas of Pune and which is accessible from any part of the city and conducts scrum master certification in Pune with classroom and scrum master certification online options.


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