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There are various perspectives of experts whether a scrum master certification in pune , would need to renew his or her certification; all these views are from scrum experts who either have been scrum masters or agile coaches in very small to very large organizations also called as fortune 500 companies.

So according to these experts if anyone is looking to get entry into and work long term in these fortune 500 companies then it is recommended that they keep themselves upgraded at all times and go for the certificate renewal process.

There are some people’s views that certifications may not be of any real value to an individual unless and until he or she really makes use of the knowledge gained during training into the real world projects which they are working on and applying their own thought process while giving exams for certifications. Using your skills as a scrum master to keep the scrum teams always engaged and interested in their day-to-day work.

When a resume of yours mentions SMC or Scrum Master Certified as an employer one should always check and validate the real knowledge he has possessed during his training and the certification he has achieved. Generally, many employers do that when they see that SMC certified is mentioned on CV, because it becomes essential.

The trainer which you get from whom you take the training and then give the certification exam is also very important and critical for your success. The main reason is the trainer should be of utmost thorough in the agile scrum concepts and the best practices an how to effectively implement them into your real-world projects because eventually, a candidate is going to learn the way he or she has been taught by the trainer. So if you have been trained by a really good instructor or trainer that will definitely reflect in your work and the successful implementation in the live projects you are working on. And maintaining that aura in your mind conveys this is your career you have chosen and you are very much serious about it.

Scrum Master Certified (SMCTM) Certification in Pune is a thorough and in-depth syllabus which helps you to gain knowledge as a Scrum Master. This will make your career go to greater boundaries with a very well defined and structured syllabus

To have a feather in your cap even good than the best, get your SMC certification. This is always going to be the first certification that you have to prove your strengths and experience to get. You also have to be a current SMC to get it. In other words your certification still needs to be valid for this time to see and if not valid then immediately go for renewal because this is the need of the hour for you at the moment

Some experts are very blunt in putting forth their opinion as like No you don’t. have to renew your certification it’s the knowledge and training which you have taken and periodic up-gradation of yourself which should keep you going

Sometimes there becomes a quite a large gap between doing certification and there are chances a candidate might feel he or she is not on track anymore and its been a long time then you may go back to your blackboard read some popular and inspirational books about scrum agile etc. watch some videos on youtube etc. to sort of regaining conscience about the knowledge you actually possess about scrum. Even you can read quora answers given by various experts from various industries, it entirely depends on you about the confidence you have about the subject and off course what the employer is looking for do you possess that.

Because of the absolutely necessary and critical importance it is always advisable to go for Scrum Master Certification Online or Classroom. SarvaShikshan® e-Learning is very popular for providing training for Scrum Master Certification in Pune.

Renewing certifications is kind of a gamble in one’s own life, its sort of just to say like an insurance policy or it may be compared to just like a stock market. In an imperfect world, based on your experience, skills, and references you are trying to create a perfectionist world. But ideally, the truth is certifications are the ones of how large employers automatically lessen the number of candidates to a manageable number to be shortlisted from.

the minimum you can always remember to do is keep the SMC scrum master certification and dates till it is valid on your CV or resume always updated.

A SCRUMstudy™ certificate should be renewed within three calendar years of its issue date. As the Scrum/Agile field is maturing, it is important for practitioners to be abreast of current and latest innovations in the field. For example, the current version of the SBOK™ Guide includes details on Scaling Scrum for Large Projects and Scaling Scrum for the Enterprise. Sections on improving the Scrum Guidance Body and Planning in Scrum have also been updated. Maintaining a certificate enables a student to demonstrate his/her commitment to continuing learning. It also demonstrates the student’s knowledge of Scrum/Agile to employers, peers and colleagues.

Getting a SCRUMstudy™ certification is a very huge achievement. It showcases your skills and amount of knowledge and education of agile and scrum. After getting the required certification, the proud certificate achievers should ideally stick to SCRUMstudy’s continuous certification requirements to maintain the certification indirectly it is like renewing or extending your certification. To do that one must need to take part in their continuing learning tasks to earn Re-certification Units (RCUs) to maintain the validity of  your certification

The necessary requirements for re-certification from SCRUMstudy™ certifications are given below

Following are some of the activities which one can go through for maintaining or renewing his or her various certification from SCRUMstudy™

A student can renew his/her certificate in the following ways:

  1. Re-certification examination: A Re-certification course is not as extensive as the Certification course and consists of only half the exam questions. A student can pass the Re-certification exam with just a few hours of study. A student passing the Re-certification exam implies that the student has reviewed the latest concepts from the SBOK™ Guide. As such, all previous certifications of the student get renewed for 3 years from the date of passing this certification exam.
  2. SCRUMstudy™ certification examination: A student passing any other SCRUMstudy™ certification exam implies that he/she has reviewed the latest concepts from the SBOK™ Guide and fulfils the criteria for maintaining certification.
    Students can purchase Re-certification exam or SCRUMstudy™ certification course from an Authorized Training Partner (A.T.P – SarvaShikshan® e-Learning) additional Certification/Re-certification options.

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