How do I become Scrum Master Certified?

1.Enroll for scrum master exam 2. give a test 3. Get a certified Scrum master certification.


Normally when it becomes more relevant to do Scrum Master Certification in pune is when you want to try and get selected by a company that is curious about having people with such certification.

Whenever a particular organization does not have an already built agile scrum culture in their company but surely down the line they are curious to do it, such companies may not immediately go for hiring people with scrum master certification, but they will definitely think of hiring a project manager who is a scrum master certified in case the company wants to try out a few projects starting with implementing scrum practices into the projects.

This is the most common scenario which happens in most of the people’s careers, the person had done scrum master certified (SMC) in one company he got his official designation as SMC and eventually got hired as a project manager in a different company. It was clearly told by the company to the candidate that he was chosen because he had the scrum experience on his CV and probably the company was going to try out a few projects on a scrum in the near future.

The positive aspect of it generally anticipated by candidate is the maybe interested in trying out projects in a scrum in the near future could be meant as immediately beginning to switch to working on scrum related projects, which the candidates eventually do then they go on to become a scrum master certified professional and finally become a scrum master certified trainer and either open an institute to earn their living.

Normally, experts, the advice is to become scrum master certified get that designation and eventually a feather in your cap and on your CV, many colleges offer such agile and scrum teaching programs at their universities but that will only help to understand the concepts in a limited way or to put it in other words to just clear the fundamental concepts because unless and until you have practical experience about handling scrum projects doing certification programs would be considered secondary. However, if this is what gives you that extra edge and gets you to bag an interview so much so better.

Everyone is eligible to do the Scrum Master Certification online  also called as virtual live training or classroom also called as face to face live training.


For Scrum Master Certification in Pune, SarvaShikshan® e-Learning training institute takes classroom training on Sat-Sun and Mon-Fri, normally Scrum Master Certification online course is taken on Mo-Fri. pattern of the online course material provided to students consist of Video Tutorials, 2 Free Exam Re-takes are possible. 180 days access is given to online course material which includes SBOK™ Guide, Proctored (under the supervision of a supervisor) and its online exam for 120 minutes with 100 Multiple Choice Questions

A scrum master is ideally not a manager in pure scrum sense, they are facilitators for the scrum teams scope of work, they are there to set aside all the hindrances or obstacles for the team from being productive

All said and done both the managerial and leadership experience definitely helps since you are ideally interacting with people both within and outside of the team. One can achieve this only through rich experience.

There is always an option if one decides to work in a software development project along with the team, one direction to start as a testing professional or a business analyst is to do a certification course or multiple courses and give your best shot to move in and up your career path.

Normally we come across a scenario especially in the software industry where a business analyst is playing the role of a scrum master as well.

Another way to get a real feel of working as a scrum master is to find work in an organization that is already doing projects on scrum and at times or whenever required need to put your hand up to be called as a scrum master. Some of the scrum masters as working as project managers in a particular organizational structure and there they put to use their project management skills to report to the organization but internally work as a scrum master within the project team.

We generally recommend a candidate to go for Scrum Master Certification Online or Classroom training first, because it’s the easiest exam to crack and get the relevant work experience before he goes for any of the advanced certification courses. At the right time you can enroll for classes and move up the career ladder for higher certifications next level of Scrum Master Certification in Pune

As far as the scope of agile or scrum is considered its good news coming up that several companies other than IT companies are now trying to implement agile scrum development methodologies for their product or project or program management. So now the scope of the scrum master is not only restricted to IT industry but extended to many other domain organizations.

There are examples of having a current role as an agile coach and scrum master inside a sales and marketing function of a very large Australian bank and likewise, which is going the agile way across their entire branches across the world. The experiences which they incur are agile scrum may work very well in some areas of product development but definitely not in every area, it completely depends on the type and nature of work which we are carrying out. But definitely there is a wave of organizational transformation into agile scrum is to seen more often than before.

Exactly because of the above perspective doing agile scrum certification definitely assists, and keep an eye on those professionals – trainers and consultants who have really entered into the roles of scrum master may not necessarily have that much practical experience. As many believe that agile manifesto is really the heart of the value system that highlights all agile scrum.

People become a scrum master and probably even work as a software engineer in organizations. Even they play many different roles in the organization in a span of say 5 to 6 years, such candidates may have experience in QA and toolkit development and they may have deep knowledge of specific technologies forex NetApp etc, and for this multiple skillsets, people get chosen by management to lead the teams as a scrum master. Initially, such projects are initiated by tech leads which might have run through lite version of scrum practices that could have worked well during that time but if the management is looking at future perspectives for the significant growth of the company then a full fletched scrum master is necessary.

Now this newly adopted role given by the organization can be for a long term anything beyond 5 to 6 years for a particular team, then eventually more than one team and then across cross-functional teams across the entire set of teams. The next step of climbing higher onto the career ladder would be acting as a project manager without an official designation. This becomes a stressful and burn-out profile. When it starts you feel good about it as you know you are in the mix of things, slowly you don’t get time to finish all your work in the entire day of your working and you realize that only the technical part of the work is completed and then working on weekends becomes a normal scene, and eventually you are working and working at all times. In spite of doing this continuously for more than 5 to 6 years suddenly if you get laid off then the world is really shattered for you and you can go into a huge disappointment. Just when you start thinking that you may have a great future on a particular technology and domain things changes rapidly in the world market and no one technology and learning lasts forever, you need to keep yourself upgraded with the latest going on in the market to stay in the race. This is an ideal time to analyze yourself and take some time off from work and go for a few certification exams and training etc. The normal course of direction would be to do SMC (Scrum Master Certified), once can also think of doing PMP® to enhance your CV inspite of you being experienced and working for many years.

Because of the very much value in the market, it is always advisable to go for Scrum Master Certification Online or Classroom. SarvaShikshan® e-Learning provides training and certification for Scrum Master Certification in Pune.

People who are lucky along with hard work may get new employment very soon and that’s where your SMC and PMP® certification can be of great help to get a good job in the market either as Project Manager or Scrum Master. During the initial telephonic interview itself, the employers make it clear that SMC Scrum Master Certification is must for this particular post another reason for getting selected is the relevant experience forex if you have software experience then chances of getting selected in IT is more. Based on the depth of knowledge you carry you may be given to handling more than 1 team right away also if the culture of the company is good you may not need to do coding as there would be separate people for that and these companies could also have a policy of NOT to work on weekends. So it becomes much easier for an employee to focus and concentrate on his work with dedication and give quality output. That eventually settles your life. People definitely give credit to doing certifications. Scrum Master certification provides more excellence towards project management and its related activities. It comes in various ways and hierarchy and its completely on an individual to choose the most suited for themselves off course keeping in mind the eligibility criteria especially for doing higher-level certifications.

A scrum master certificate is definitely advantageous as it provides candidates with more knowhow and details about the various projects so that they can take care of it with better options.

As the famous saying goes that a Best Scrum Master certification in pune is always the servant leaders of the Scrum Team who streamlines and facilitates team intercommunication as a team leader and motivator. The Scrum Master is always known to be accountable for confirming that the team has a fruitful working environment by safeguarding the team from outside influences, removing any hurdles, and practicing Scrum principles, aspects, and processes.

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