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PMP® Certification

PMP® Certification In Pune by SarvaShikshan®
SarvaShikshan® e-Learning is one of the most reputed institutes for PMP certification in Pune. We even have students from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Middle East, etc, who search for PMP Certification India and get connected with us.  

Popular all over the world and has enormous want, the PMP certification demonstrates to company owners, company customers and co-workers that a project manager gains project management know-how, familiarity and expertise to bring projects to accomplishments... As the demand for expert project managers is at an important level of hurriedness, project executors who hold the PMP certification are better equipped to supply the white collared expertise required to lead project group and attain successful project outcomes. The PMP identifies the potential of a person to execute the character of a project manager, especially familiar in guiding and giving appropriate guidance to projects. Every year, the PMP certification has attained worldwide know how and deserved a higher salary for certified professionals over non-certified individuals. PMP Certification in Pune is a great place to fulfill the need of doing either Online or Classroom training with SarvaShikshan® e-Learning.

Earn and report 60 professional development units (PDUs) within 3 year cycle. CCR credential Renewal- members: USD 60 (USD 129 membership fees), Non-members: USD 150.
  • Classroom Training and Course Material 4 Days Classroom Training by Experienced Project Manager & International Trainer Contributor & Reviewer of PMBOK® Guide-6th Edition Classroom Study Material (Study Guide, Process Chart)
  • Online Course Material (Valid for 60 days ONLY)
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  • The course is well organized, methodical and informative. A lot of case studies, examples from various industries make the training more interesting and effective. PMP, CAPM, PMBOK are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.
  • For Members : USD 129 Membership Fees + USD 10 Application Fees, USD 405 Exam Fee
  • Non Members : USD 555
    Pearson VEU Test Centers for CBT: Pune, Delhi/ NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Allahabad Many Exam Dates are Available. ** Please confirm the details at PMI website. www.pmi.org
    240 minutes
    Not declared
    Multiple Type Questions
    No Negative Marking

How is PMP Certification Worth for IT Professionals and Other Domains?

, Unlike many other certifications that focus on a particular region or domain, a PMP can work in virtually any industry and in any location. Pune is considered as an IT Hub and doing PMP Certification in Pune either classroom or online will definitely be of worth for IT Professionals.

A PMP Certification salary is almost 20 to 25 % more compared to a non-certified professional. People search for PMP Certification salary on the internet and then realize the importance and benefits of doing the PMP Certification.

The need for Project Management is on the rise day by day worldwide in the IT Industry. Many organizations are conducting internal training programs for their employees in Project Management. A project manager is the one person who manages the required resources for their large projects. Essentially for a huge IT company, it means managing big software development projects. IT Infrastructure and Networking projects or for that matter any other process or operation where business and technology needs have to be managed and resources have to be coordinated.

Many organizations give internal Project Management Training to their employees however don't focus on asking them to do certification by taking the exam, that is the reason why many candidates come to SarvaShikshan® e-Learning for doing PMP Certification in Pune.

Absence of project management expertise has been the reason for many IT projects to go on a path of failure with respect to the budget and time schedule. This awareness is leading to increased demand for skilled IT project managers.

Every programming assignment is a “project”, so it obviously follows that IT professionals wanting to become “Great IT professionals” should learn project management. Lack of awareness of doing PMP Certification Online or Classroom and if in Pune then doing PMP Certification in Pune is still persisting in many organizations especially non-IT organizations

Every one of us has led a project, be it planning or scaling all the way to rolling out an enterprise software system. Many of us are successful at our small projects, but then, on a larger, more complex project, can you repeat what you did earlier? Many people don’t know “how” they were successful with their smaller projects. The larger a project is, the more complex it becomes, and the more individual pieces to go haywire, any one of which will ruin your results. Learning project management takes the guesswork out of your next project. Now you know the steps to take, and why they are important.

One big misconception that people often carry about PMP certification is that it is useful for professionals from certain industry verticals only. However, the fact is that whichever industry vertical you belong to, PMP will bring along equal value and prestige.

If we talk about IT vertical in particular, PMP is among one of the most valued credentials for IT professionals. The certification has got international level recognition and is known to have considerable salary-boosting effects. The same has been proved in the market surveys of the highest paying credentials where PMP is being consistently ranked among the top 5 credentials.

Therefore, whether you belong to IT vertical or be it any other domain, PMP certification is definitely worth going for. I am providing below a link where you can read more about the top reasons for obtaining PMP certification.

Not for all IT professionals. Only to those who are aspiring to grow as a Project Manager (and higher).It's also helpful for Software Architects. In fact, PMP certification is not targeted at only IT people. Many engineers across other Industries become PMP certified. I'm neither a Software-only guy nor a Project Manager. Due to some reason, my former employer sponsored me to go for it. Obtaining PMP certification helped me a lot in many ways; say it saved valuable time and money.

PMP certification content has always been applicable for all industries/domains, however, the usage of PMP has been high on the IT projects side. But in the past, non-IT industry professionals have also realized the benefits of PMP and have been pursuing the same. This trend is a positive sign as it opens more doors for PMP certified professionals to move across Industries/domains.

Some cases a PMP Certified professional working in the IT industry having ample domain experience for e.g. Health Care or Construction or Automotive / Manufacturing can think of career shift in these industries and can effectively manage the internal programs or projects implementing his PMP know how. The other way round is also a possibility as even the companies have quite significant IT exposure. Another perspective to it could be to pursue his or her personal interest in any other industry or domain.

There are several advantages of PMP certification

• Doing PMP Certification in Pune either PMP Certification Online or Classroom is one of the major Advantages, Pune being an IT Hub for more job opportunities, and SarvaShikshan® e-Learning being one of the best training institutes for that.

• Understand your capabilities, knowledge and expertise

It serves as an unbiased authority of your project management education and professional experience on a world wide level.

• Facilitates for a much more in demand or want as compared to your peers

The holders of PMP certification can gain ever rising acknowledgement from their peers for running that extra mile in professional development.

• Imbibes self-confidence

You will be able to identify yourself past just the job title while obtaining a sense of personal satisfaction.

PMP certification Pune
• Facilitates to better career options and individual growth

This certification marks you as a professional who has showcased competency in project management processes or in expertise and experience in areas of practice based on industry standards.

• Helps to greater earnings

It has been stated that if you are a PMP Certified Professional , you will draw at least 20 to 25 % more salary than your peers.

• Intensifies your profession

This program promotes practitioners and supports ongoing professional development.

• Improves skills and knowledge

PMP certification requires study and review of current project management processes which supports you to highlight your knowledge, competence, and proficiency in your practice.

• Mentors you for greater job responsibilities

It will facilitate the know how of changing methodologies and terms in the field of project management.

• Reflects achievement

It will showcase excellence in the field by complying with standard requirements introduced by global project management practitioners.

• Shows your commitment to the profession

This certification helps you to display your passion and commitment for your professional to your peers, supervisors, and clients.

PMP certification in Pune  

Quantitative Analysis

• Enhances your Resume as it certifies that you know project management.

• You get substantially more interview calls.

• Resulting in the candidate getting due promotion with a better salary package


Qualitative Analysis

• Stereo-Typical: Every individual and company is different and has different ways of doing project management, PMBOK will select the best processes and practices to make the management more impactful and productive.

• Conviction: helps in building conviction as now you know the most impactful way of management which helps you in setting better practices in the present organization.

• You get more value in the office and people start considering your seriousness.

When a candidate does PMP Certification Online or Classroom and PMP Certification in Pune or any other major city, he can better apply the best practices onto his project than a non-certified professional. Also, PMP Certification in Pune done by an individual can have a better judgment of Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis.

PMP can assist you in finding new opportunities and advancement in your career. It is a well renowned and respected certification. As per numerous research and career websites, it is one of the top 10 certifications in the world. It has an enormous scope - it's value is identified in many different industries..

PMP certification Pune

PMP Scope

Scope of PMP is excellent. It is a well renowned & respected certification. It is considered as one of the topmost certifications in the world. Many organizations have made it compulsory for the project managers to achieve a PMP or its equivalent certification. You will find many JDs saying “PMP mandatory”. Even up to a level that If you don't possess the certification then you are not applicable for the Project Manager designation. This might restrict your career growth

Doing PMP Certification Online or Classroom or if in Pune then PMP Certification in Pune either online or classroom increases the job opportunities multifold because PMP Certified Professionals are in very high demand the world over.

Another reason to do PMP is salary. According to PMI's Salary Survey 9th edition - those with a PMP certification get a higher salary (20% higher on average) than those without a PMP certification. Doing PMP Certification Online or Classroom or PMP Certification in Pune helps to get better prospects.

Use of Your PMP Certification

As soon as you clear the examination, you are bestowed upon the PMP certification. You may consider yourself as a PMP certification holder as long as you have an active certification status. You are officially allowed to use the PMP designation in block letters after your name on visiting cards, personal letterhead resumes, and websites and in your email signature

Please note that as part of the application process, you agreed to comply to the PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct and the Certification Application/Renewal Agreement. It means that, you will only use the PMP designation in the way stated above and that you will not use the PMP designation in organization names, domain names, product names, or any other illegal manner.

Certificate Package

A candidate should receive a certification package within 6 to 8 weeks, that consists of

● Congratulatory letter.

● ● Details on certification maintenance and renewal process.

● Certification certificate.

Both of these documents enlist a candidates:

Certification number—a non-repetitive identification number used by PMI to maintain a record of your individual certification status and the candidate's certification cycle dates

A candidate would always want to keep a record of this information in a safe and easily accessible location. He will need to refer to it in order to report professional development activities to maintain your certification. Until you receive your certificate package, you may use your exam report (available online through the certification system) to validate your certification status

Online Certification Registry

The certification registry available online lists names of PMI’s certification holders. This utility facilitates verification of certification holders for the advantage of employers, service providers, etc. Users can search for certification holders by country or by first name, last name.

Certification holders can choose to be removed from the registry, so the absence of your name in the registry does not necessarily mean that you are not certified. You can opt out of inclusion in the registry or update your demographic information by visiting PMI.org.

For those who do PMP Certification in Pune with SarvaShikshan® e-Learning, we assist them in filling the online registration form and also assist for submitting credentials to PMI with the kind of role and responsibilities of each candidate is possessing.

Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) Program Overview

This program backs the current academic and professional career development of our certification holders so they are always ready to face the challenges of today’s challenging business environment.

The purpose of the CCR program is to:

• Elevate seamless learning and development among certification holders.

• Give a path in development areas to confirm relevancy of certified professionals.

• Encourage and recognize individualized learning opportunities.

• Offer a mechanism for obtaining and recording professional development activities.

• Maintain the worldwide popularity and value of PMI certifications.

All candidates who achieve a PMI certification must maintain their certification(s) through participation in the CCR Program and renewal of their certification(s) every 3 years.

If a PMP Certified Professional while in its PMI Membership still active can participate in various webinars and seminars and also as a trainer in the internal training programs of the company which helps the certification holders to earn Professional Development Units (PDUs), which fulfills the criteria of continuing certification requirements and finally growing and developing as a professional.

We are aware that every individual has different needs and desires in his or her professional career advancement. The CCR process is molded to be pliable so that it can accommodate those needs and facilitate you to customize your CCR activities.

,p>As part of the training for candidates who do PMP Certification in Pune with SarvaShikshan® e-Learning, we cover the process post Certification like how to earn PDUs and submit for a 3-year renewal of PMP Certification.

Course Summary
  •  5 Process Groups for PMBOK by PMI are 
  • Initiating the project (13%)
  • Planning the project (24%)
  • Executing the project (30%)
  • Monitoring and controlling the project (25%)
  • Closing the project (8%)
 12 knowledge areas are 
  1. Project Integration Management
  2. Project Scope Management
  3. Project Time Management
  4. Project Cost Management
  5. Project Quality Management
  6. Project Human Resource Management
  7. Project Communications Management
  8. Project Risk Management
  9. Project Procurement Management
  10. Project Stakeholder Management
  11. Professional and Social Responsibilities
  12. Exam Formalities and Exam Planning
  • PMP has been used all over the world to deliver projects successfully even on a massive scale.  PMP Certification is very much of need in todays job market scenario. Most organizations are looking out for PMP Certified Professionals to handle their projects and also to get more business from their clients. Since PMP Certification is popular all over the world it showcases what capacity you carry based on your education to manage projects. PMP Certification in Pune would be an option for completing your KRA if your manager has given you in your appraisal. PMP helps you to perform better as you are exposed to latest technologies and tips that helps you immensely in managing the projects effectivelyThe PMP exam standards are set by PMI at a higher level, so that if you implement the best practices after doing the certification definitely has an edge over other projects who are not managed using the best practices of PMP. PMP Certification Online or Classroom or even doing PMP Certification in Pune is meant for people with experience in Project Management and can be useful in personal growth. Currently PMP (Project Management Professional) Certification is one of the most famous and wanted certifications in businessPMP, Project Management Professional certification is one of the most popular and in-demand certifications in business. PMP certification enables you to attain a confirmation of your comprehensive knowledge and experience in whichever industry you work with. PMP Certification helps you to get skills to handle, manage a project professionally and efficiently producing optimum results at its climax. Also PMP Certification in Pune is the ideal place to do it as it is considered as an IT Hub.
  • Timeline of the PMP Certification Process
PMP Certification in Pune
PMP Certification Process
You can go for PMP Certification in Pune, conducted by SarvaShikshan® e-Learning; in this you have an option of doing PMP Certification Online or Classroom training
  • Criteria for Eligibility
Diploma, whether its high school or an associates degree or its world wide equivalent, with at least 5 years of project management experience which is equivalent to 7500 hours of managing or leading projects and minimum 35 contact hours of project management training. Or  Any graduation i.e. 4 year bachelor’s degree or its world wide equivalent with at least 3 years of project management experience which is equivalent to 4500 hours of managing or leading projects and minimum 35 contact hours of project management training.
  • Upon Completion of the PMP course,
 Gain the expertise and knowledge you require to clear the PMP Certification Exam successfully. You will get 37 Contact Hours necessary to give the PMP Certification Exam. Build a practical know how of the 12 knowledge areas and 5 process groups from the PMBOK® Guide-6th Edition. Acquire the expertise to manage, execute and successfully deliver projects, programs or product in compliance with the world wide project management best practices. If you do PMP Certification in Pune either PMP Certification Online or Classroom from SarvaShikshan® e-Learning you will receive 37 Contact Hours instead of 35 as we are authorized to provide that and we are also REP (Registered Education Provider) with REP ID: 4592.
  • PMP Certification Exam Fees
 The proper fees for payment are determined by your PMI membership status (PMI Membership Fee is 139 USD) and the examination delivery type (center-based Vs paper-based) for your geographic location. You can plan on taking a centre-based exam and submitting the associated fees.
  • Exam Administration Type PMI Member Status USD
    Center-based testing (CBT) Paper-based testing (PBT) Member 405
    Center-based testing (CBT) Paper-based testing (PBT) Non - Member 555
    Re-examination CBT/PBT Member 275
    Re-examination CBT/PBT Non - Member 375
    CCR certification renewal Member 60
    CCR certification renewal Non - Member 150
  • At SarvaShikshan® e-Learning we give end-to-end support for candidates doing PMP Certification in Pune by attending the classrooms which happen on weekends.
  • PMI Audit Process 
  • When you submit your application for appearing the exam actually means you are agreeing to compliance of the terms and conditions of the audit process. Ideally every application submitted can be a candidate for audit, however only a certain % of applications are actually selected for audit, and also the selection of a particular application for audit is arbitrary.If a particular application is gets selected for an audit process, the candidate will be informed by email before the payment of the certification fee. There is a separate document which is the electronic audit notification, will provide complete information on compliance with the terms and condition of the audit process.While the audit is in process the candidate will be asked to provide supporting documentation such as Degree / Diploma or its World wide equivalent Certificate Copies, duly signed by your immediate reportee such as project manager, project supervisor etc. this content will be present in the experience verification section of the application. Certificate copies or letter from the training institute where the mandatory contact hours of training was taken.At SarvaShikshan® e-Learning who has done PMP Certification in Pune by attending our classroom, not a single candidate has gone through any audit process so far, because while explaining the Audit Process to candidates we are very transparent and focus on the eligibility criteria upfront. PMI Institute from US gives you 90 days to submit the necessary documents, the entire audit process can be completed in 5 to 7 working days if a candidate is able to provide the mandatory documents which meets the terms and compliance of the audit process. Kindly send all the documentation related material at one time in a single envelope. Sending audit documents separately can cause a delay in the audit review time frame. You can send your completed audit forms by regular postal mail or express courier service, to the address below.
  •  PMIAttn: Certification Audit14 Campus Blvd.Newtown Square, PA 19073-3299 USA
  • The candidate will not be allowed to continue with his certification process till he has complied with the audit process requirements. Once the entire audit process is completed successfully, 1 year certification exam eligibility time frame starts. Any incomplete submission of the audit related documents will not be addressed and it will result in the failure of the audit process. If the candidate wishes not to adhere to the terms and compliance of the audit process, the audit will be considered as a failure and there will be 1 year suspension for that candidate to re-apply for the certification process again.
  • PMP Examination Information
  •  The PMP Exam consists of 200 objective (multiple choice)  type of questions. Out of the 200 objective questions there are 25 questions which are called as pre-test questions, pre-test questions are those questions for which there is no evaluation done from PMI side. So effectively a candidate has 175 questions on which he will be assessed, however the candidate is not aware which of the questions among those 200 questions are pretest questions, and since there is no negative marking, it is advisable to answer all the questions. The questions are placed randomly throughout the examination.
  • No of Scored Questions No of Pretest (Unscored Questions) Total Examination Questions
    175 25 200
  • CBT (Center Based Testing) is the standard norm of conducting exams in today's world, and PMI also follows the same. CBT is an online exam and you get the result immediately the moment you click on submit for your final question. PBT (Paper Based Testing) availability is limited. The official time given for the examination is 4 hours. At SarvaShikshan® e-Learning for candidates who are doing PMP Certification in Pune classroom training we clearly explain the detail examination procedure. There is a possibility that a candidate mat take less than 4 hours to complete the examination, this left over time should be utilised by revisiting certain questions which the candidate was not sure of the correct answer. There is an option to mark the questions to revisit. There are no official breaks during the 4 hour exam, if at all you need to take a break the clock continues to tick and that time is lost for you for the exam.Before the exam starts there is one tutorial which is optional and may take around 15 minutes to answer. After the exam there is a survey to be filled online again it is optional and may take the same time as it would take to solve the tutorial. Please note that the time taken to take the tutorial and the survey is NOT included in the 4 hours allotted for your examThe good news is now there will be a PMP Exam Center in Pune at 2 locations with effect from 1st July 2019, location will be shared with candidates who will be doing PMP Certification in Pune with SarvaShikshan® e-Learning. The advantage of having a PMP Exam Center in Pune is that now many candidates wont have to travel to Mumbai for giving the exam.
  • PMP Exam Questions: 
    • are designed in compliance with the ISO/IEC 17024 standard
    • are designed and independently confirmed by global work groups of PMP certification holders;
    • are taken as a reference to current project management topics, which include but are not limited to PMI’s global standards;
    • are supervised through psychometric analysis; and
    • Comply with the test specifications of the PMP Examination Content Outline.
  • PMP Exam Questions Distribution per Domain
PMP Examination Content Outline
Domain Percentage of Questions
Initiation 13%
Planning 24%
Executing 31%
Monitoring and Controlling 25%
Closing 7%
TOTAL 100%
For candidates doing PMP Certification in Pune we cover all the details related to PMP Exam type of questions, distribution of questions in terms of % coverage for the knowledge areas during the training as well as during the initial interaction with the candidate.