A person with 2 yrs of experience is not eligible for PMP; but he can think for CAPM.

CAPM can be taken without any experience. You can find more details at https://www.pmi.org/-/media/pmi/…

The course content (knowledge earned) for PMP and CAPM is the same (PMBOK) with difference in level.
CAPM is for Associate Project Manager and PMP for Project Managers. For those who really wanted to make a career in Project Management area, gain knowledge; but not having required experience for PMP, can think on CAPM.

A person can also think on agile scrum certifications. Agile Scrum is more popular in IT but now it is going to be future for engineering projects as well (IEEE also suggests the same). It’s altogether different kind of project management and applicable for the projects, where requirements are not stable.


The article is taken from Quora blog / answer by our founder / director / trainer- Ganesh Watve. https://www.quora.com/profile/Ganesh-Watve

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